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Greater Topeka 20 Under 40: Hattie Mitchell

Greater Topeka 20 Under 40: Hattie Mitchell

Photo by Nathan Ham

Age: 30

Education: Washburn University, BBA, CPA

Hometown: Mayetta, KS

Role Model:

Warren Buffett. He has built a great fortune and yet is still down to earth. His investing principles are sound and he gives back to charity, which I admire and also plan to do.

Best Advice Ever Received:

I attended the Summer Venture in Management Program at Harvard University and the instructor told us to: “Do one thing and do it well.”

Accomplishment Most Proud Of:

I am proud to be the Tribal Council Treasurer for the Prairie Band Potawatomi Nation. I have worked hard to get my education and obtained outside experience so I could strive in attaining this position. I was able to accomplish my goal because enough people believed in me and voted for me.

Favorite Thing About Humanity:

That we hold universal truths.

WOW Factor:

  • Native American 40 Under 40 by the National Center for American Indian Enterprise Development.

  • VP on the Board of Directors of PBPN, LLC.

  • Foster for dogs with Saving Death Row Dogs.

“This outstanding young Prairie Band members has inspired our community in many ways, working with all age groups…Uncommon for reservations, she has managed to instill a desire into our youth to achieve short and long term wealth management. Hattie has taken the initiative to create and coordinate a “Will and Estate Planning Workshop”… for our tribal elders….Hattie has a heart for the people for which she serves and protects.”

- Thomas M. Wabnum

Prairie Band Potawatomi Tribal Council Member

Retired, BIA and OSTAI

Viet Nam Veteran

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