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Greater Topeka 20 Under 40: VINCE AVILA III

Sr. Human Resources Business Partner
Westar Energy, Inc.

VinceAge: 34
Education: University of Kansas, BSME
Hometown: Lawrence, KS
Spouse: Julie Avila
Children: Alex (15), Haley (12), Lila (10) and Titus (5)

Best Advice Ever Received:
From a friend’s father: "Never let other people’s sin lead you to sin." Or said another way, have the integrity to do what’s right, even when others around you do not.

Accomplishment Most Proud Of:
My transition from a poor supervisor in my first leadership role to being a student of leadership and practicing the art at a high level. I received some very candid feedback in my first job that allowed me to see my shortcomings. Now I’m in a place to give that feedback to others and help them improve their leadership. I consider myself a coach. My primary purpose is to bring out the best in my team and get them to perform at a higher level than they thought was possible.

Favorite Thing About Humanity:
God created us all different. We each have strengths we bring to the table. I am amazed and encouraged every day by the resilience of folks who encounter difficult things in their lives and bounce back.

WOW Factor:

  • Kansas Children Service League Board of Directors and Finance Committee.
  • Pregnancy Care Center of Lawrence Board Member.
  • Leadership Westar 2007.


“Vince has been intentional in developing true leadership. Good leadership requires empathy, a full understanding of all the issues, an ability to get beyond the details to see the vision, and getting others to see it as well. This epitomizes Vince.”

- David Santee
True North Market Insights
The Pregnancy Care Center

PHOTO BY NATHAN HAM PHOTOGRAPHYhttp://www.whataham.com/

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