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"I GO NOTO" Wins CODAvideo Collaboration Award

The “I GO NOTO” banner project, designed by Bloomerang Studios, won the merit award in the Collaboration Category of the CODAvideo Awards. The recognition is given by the online public arts community, CodaWorx. In the last few years, the project has also been highlighted in the New York Times and in a Microsoft Bing-it-On Commercial.IGONOTO-DiscoveryCenter The CODAvideo Awards competition invited submissions from around the world and was juried by the top art collectors, creative directors, television producers, Emmy winners and international filmmakers. Applicants submitted short films as part of the award selection process. The I GO NOTO Banners video was created by Adam Bradbury Besheer, son of Bloomerang Studios’ founder Carol Bradbury.

The “I GO NOTO” banner project began after Heartland Visioning invited the Topeka community into a visioning process in 2008. The organization was instrumental in planting the initial seeds of hope for the NOTO Arts District. Inspired by the visioning process, artist Carol Bradbury designed the banners as part of bootstrapping the NOTO Arts District and in response to what she called “the city’s disbelief in itself.” By using color, diversity and the marks of everyday people she wanted to change that perception.

IGONOTO-NotoArtsDistrict“People were excited about developing an arts district and wanted to be involved but didn’t know how,” said Carol Bradbury. “Using the marks and doodles of everyday people seemed to be a very authentic way of mirroring who we really are while creating something much greater than any one individual can accomplish alone.”

“Creating a positive image community focused on quality of life excitement can only be achieved through partnerships,” said John Hunter, Executive Director for Heartland Visioning. “The Bloomerang I GO NOTO and We the People projects are perfect examples of successful and significant collaboration.”


Video:  https://www.codaworx.com/awards/video/2015/entries/i-go-noto-noto-arts-district.

The CODAvideo Awards recognize the best videos that tell the stories of incredible design projects featuring commissioned art. 2015 marks the second year for this media event celebrating successful integration of art into interior, architectural, and public spaces around the globe.

Bloomerang® is a registered trademark of Bloomerang Studios in the United States. Bloomerang is a collaborative art experience that expresses community connection and diversity through color and fun, empowering everyday people to take ownership of their environment. From simple to sophisticated, Bloomerang uses what’s readily available – the ‘marks’ of the people, to revitalize main streets, transform interiors and raise community pride. Bloomerang artworks emerge as a big-picture portrayal of the mutual success of both individual and community, reminders that we’re all part of something bigger than ourselves. For more information contact Carol Bradbury, carol@bloomerangstudios.com, or visit www.bloomerangstudios.com.


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