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JEDO / GO Topeka Approves Contract Change for Alorica

JEDO and GO Topeka approved a change in the current agreement with Alorica at its meeting on July 1, 2015. Alorica has been awarded a new contract with a Fortune 25 company, which will enable them to hire more than 100 new employees. In addition to hiring new employees, Alorica will also undergo a remodel of their current facility. GO Topeka and Alorica have a long standing relationship. In 2008, GO Topeka assisted with finding a facility and in 2009 GO Topeka and Alorica entered into a performance based incentive agreement. The current agreement goes through 2017 and pays the company a performance based incentive that is weighted by the hourly rate of each position retained/hired. The new addendum to the agreement will adjust their minimum threshold to 300 employees; it will also raise the minimum hourly wage that an employee must make before they are included in the minimum threshold count.

"This new grant will help fund a remodeling of the facility allowing them to hire up to 300 new employees, a vital step in helping grow the economy of our city," said Topeka Mayor Larry Wolgast.

"The Topeka community has been invaluable to our growth in the region," said Keith Lee, Site Director, Alorica. "Working alongside JDO and GO Topeka for so many years demonstrates our commitment to this community and we're excited to bring new and exciting opportunities to the talent pool in this region."

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