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Kansas Medical Clinic Plastic Surgery Opening February 1

Dr. Shekhar Challa and Kansas Medical Clinic announced the opening of KMC Plastic Surgery in Topeka. The clinic, located in the Tallgrass Medical Building, is slated to open February 1. Plastic Surgeon Carla Skytta, DO will lead the clinic with a full nursing and administrative staff. “Patients seek out plastic surgery options for a wide variety of reasons; whether it is to change or enhance some physical feature, or to correct a physical feature that was congenital or caused by accident or illness. In most cases the goal is to additionally restore the patient’s positive self-image and confidence by helping them feel their best,” explains Sarah Legg, Director of Marketing for Kansas Medical Clinic. “Plastic surgery goes beyond just the surface.”

skytta webDr. Carla Skytta, who completed medical school at Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine in Athens, Ohio, followed by a General Surgery residency at Doctors Hospital in Columbus, is board-certified in general surgery and has completed a three-year fellowship in plastic and reconstructive surgery at the Cleveland Clinic foundation, South Pointe hospital. Additionally, she completed a fellowship in hand surgery at Grandview Hospital in Dayton.

“I chose plastic surgery because of the artistic aspects of it,” she said. “There is a lot of patient compliance in recovery so you see better outcomes. People often overlook the practical aspects of it. It’s not just about vanity.”

“We’re easily accessible, because we’re in the Tallgrass Surgery Center. Our physician is well versed and trained in the types of procedures that patients today are interested in, such as Botox® or fillers, as well as surgical options popular today. We’re also able to alternate surgical centers to provide for the patients’ needs,” explained Legg.

KMC Plastic Surgery offers many procedures and cosmetic services providing care beyond the surface including breast augmentation, reconstructive surgery, injectables, and more. To learn more visit KMCPlasticSurgery.com.

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