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Power in a Simple Sign

By Tara Dimick, Screenshot 2015-06-17 23.28.51I was recently having dinner at The Pad Restaurant in North Topeka when this sign caught my eye.  Just south of the registers, it serves as a reminder to the employees of the importance of the customer.

This simple sign inspired me to evaluate myself as a business owner, employee and representative of my company on the way I treat my clients and customers.  Do I regard them as the purpose of my business?  Am I courteous and attentive? Can I do better?

And even deeper, what kind of culture of appreciation exists within our company? How do we talk internally about our customers and clients? Do we appreciate them? Do we meet their needs with enthusiasm?

Let’s be real.  Just like that customer across the counter or over the phone who becomes frustrated with our business or the employees, we get frustrated with customers.  We are only human. The challenge is to let go of our own emotions and work to understand the customer’s point of view.

The holidays bring joy.  But they also bring hectic schedules, stress, family drama and financial strain; resulting in emotions that stretch across the spectrum.  The companies that make customers feel appreciated, cared for, wise, and most importantly, glad they came to you, will be the big winners.

Read The Pad’s sign and evaluate what you need to work on before Black Friday arrives. Do you need to have more appreciation for your customers or calm your own short temper? Do you need to stop matching wits with buyers and start listening to better meet their needs and wants? Do you need to be more compassionate and understanding to the emotions of your customers and keep your own emotions in check?

The old adage “the customer is always right” may be outdated, but when it comes to customer service, it still rings true.


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