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Always Watching

Byme and dad Tara Dimick, My dad turned a small business with two employees into a thriving company that never has enough employees to handle all the work. But like many small business owners, my dad wasn’t looking to build the next Fortune 500 Company; he was simply building a life for his family.

As a child, I was always watching my dad—paying attention to the words he said, the decisions he made and the actions he took. Whether he was working his business, coaching my team or just being a dad, I was watching.

Watching my dad, I learned so much more than how to have a successful business:

  • Work hard and give everything you have to your work.
  • Be present and give everything you have to your family.
  • Embrace your own imperfections.
  • Accept other people’s imperfections.
  • Have your own opinion, but always listen to the opinion of others with an open mind.
  • Do business with people who look you in the eye and shake your hand.
  • Anyone and everyone can be your friend.
  • Give second chances.
  • Forgiveness and understanding will reward you many times over.

dad and siblingsEven today, I find myself watching my dad—the words he says, the decisions he makes and the actions he takes. And I feel blessed to have a dad who fought every day to give his kids the best life he could.




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