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The Great Outdoors

The Great Outdoors


Photos by ADAM COLE

Many business-minded individuals have gone to great lengths to ensure that people in Topeka and the surrounding area have an opportunity to explore the nature around us.

LIVING For those of you who would live outdoors if the Kansas weather would allow it, the following Topeka companies make it their business to help you create outdoor spaces that make you feel at home.

Pools & Spas: DeVaders Pools & Spas Docks & Lifts: CWC Outdoors Hardscapes: Hardscapes of Kansas

RECREATION For people who want to venture past their own backyards to enjoy the outdoors, several Topeka businesses offer games to play, powerful toys and the ultimate hunting experience.

Games to Play: GreatLIFE Powerful Toys: Cycle Zone Ultimate Hunt: Ravenwood Lodge

ADVENTURE For those of you who want to catch the big one, shoot the rapids or get a little dirty, three Topeka businesses will help you experience the thrill of an outdoor adventure.

A Fish Tale: Catdaddy's Catfishing Adventures With A Paddle: Kaw Valley Canoe Rental Dirty Girl: Dirty Girl Adventures

The Great Outdoors: A Fish Tale

The Great Outdoors: A Fish Tale

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