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Topeka’s Top 20 Under 40:  Kim Konecny

Topeka’s Top 20 Under 40: Kim Konecny

Kim Konecny
Age 38
Supervisor, Talent Acquisition
Westar Energy & KCP&L

Within the company, she has taken on rolesthat include partnering with the Greater Topeka Partnership and Forge to expand the TopCity Interns program to incorporate more than 25 companies and 250 interns. Kim has taken an active role in creating opportunities for young women to get involved with STEM careers through the Girl Scouts Spark event. She isalso an active member of the Big Brothers Big Sisters Leadership Council. Kim believes that when leaders from local companies are working together towards the same goal, Topeka wins.

“When I think about the leaders I most respect and look up to, it’s those who would never ask me to do something they weren’t willing to do themselves.”

What do you do to ensure your growth and development as a leader?
I do a lot of self-reflection. I look back at how I handled situations throughout the day—did I handle it right? Did I behave and lead in a way I’m proud of? What could I have done differently? I also seek advice from leaders I trust. I’ve been blessed to be surrounded by great leaders, and I often use their counsel to continue to develop as a leader.

How do you foster creative and innovative thinking within your organization?
I ask for feedback and I don’t get hung up on “this is the way we’ve always done things.”

What brings you joy?
I find joy in my relationships. My relationshipwith my savior, Jesus Christ. My relationship with my husband, Jarrod. My relationship with mykids, Sawyer and Hattie. My relationship with my extended family and my friends. Building into those relationships bring me joy. I also find alot of joy in serving “the least of these.” Those groups of people who I know have nothing to give in return. Being the hands and feet of Jesus— that brings me joy.

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