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Topeka’s Top 20 Under 40:  Lindsay Freeman

Topeka’s Top 20 Under 40: Lindsay Freeman

Lindsay Freeman
Age 32
Director of Community Engagement
Advisors Excel

She serves on the Momentum 2022 Implementation Committee and chairs the Community Engagement, Pride and Service Work Group. Lindsay was a member of the 2016 Class of Leadership Greater Topeka and is on the TARC Foundation Board. In addition to her community commitments, Lindsay and her husband became foster parents last year.

“My mission in life is to leave our world in a better place than when I arrived by serving my brothers and sisters of Topeka daily.”

What is the most important characteristic that every leader should possess?
Commitment. I think it’s important to be committed to yourself, your role, and your company in order to earn the respect and trust of others. Commitment also impacts energy among those you are leading or working with by showing your teammates dedication and determination to focus on the opportunity in front of you.

What advice would you give someone in a new leadership position?
Be a good listener. Take the time to get to know your team members and those with whom you will be working. When you listen, you make better, more informed decisions. When people know they have been heard, even if you don’t agree with everything they say, they value the time you spent listening to them.

What do you hope your legacy will be?
I hope I leave a legacy of serving others. Volunteerism is a major part of my family. Last November, a telephone call changed our lives. We had minutes to decide whether we could immediately begin caring for a young boy who otherwise would’ve been placed in the care of total strangers. The decision to welcome our current foster child into our home and become licensed foster parents has forever changed our lives for the better.

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