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notoThe CODAvideo Awards Top 100 celebrates the best videos around the world that tell the stories of incredible design + art projects. Bloomerang’s I GO NOTO project in the NOTO Arts District is competing for the PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD by the industry’s top art collectors, creative directors, television producers, Emmy winners, international filmmakers, globetrotting camera operators, founders of production companies, and Hollywood animators. Over 300 Topekans added their artistic 'marks' to create the first colorful I GO NOTO banners. The street banners made visible the effects of the Heartland Visioning process and the people's intention to rewrite the city's narrative.  The artist listed for this project includes Carol Bradbury and Topeka community members. Carol approaches art as a way for social change and the marks of the people unite our community’s message.

This project has the opportunity to win the People’s Choice at the CODAvideo award bringing NOTO and our community national recognition! Watch the video about art for social change then cast your vote daily (without entering your email) until October 29 at midnight. Your vote can help us win and raise Topeka Community Pride!

Video: https://www.codaworx.com/awards/video/2015/entries/i-go-noto-noto-arts-district

Vote: https://www.codaworx.com/awards/video/2015/top100

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