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BetterU Challenge: MARY ANN ROBISON

Mary Ann RobisonBrand Partner
Nerium International

Get up and move. It’s not too late. You will feel better.

Why BetterU?
I heard about BetterU right after my labs came back. I thought it might be just what I need to help me not have to go on more meds.

Success with BetterU
I’ve had small success:

  • Making better choices.
  • Stairs and getting out of the car is easier.
  • Lost a few pounds.
  • Clothes fit differently.

Challenges Overcame
I am so out of shape I thought exercising would be more difficult. If I get past the idea I have to do the routines like everyone else, I do okay. Nevermind the footwork. Just move!

One Goal Achieved
I am more conscious about what I eat and say no to sweets and fried food more often. I cannot remember the last time I went to McDonalds.

Biggest Obstacle
Exercising—I don’t like—No, I HATE—to sweat. I find exercising for the sake of exercising boring. Even walking around the lake—I’d rather sit and enjoy the water and the ducks.Unknown-1

Inspiration for Others
I had let myself get pretty beaten down over the last few years and retreated to the comfort of my home and chair. With encouragement from interactions like this I am getting back to normal. All the happiness “experts” say exercise helps. I am thinking they must be telling the truth.

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